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Whether your visit is regarding a case or a claim, we know that medico-legal matters can appear to be very complex. Rest assured, 360 Medico Legal team aims to make the process with us as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Medico-legal is a field that encompasses the application of medical knowledge, expertise, and principles to legal matters. Medico-legal professionals, including medical doctors, forensic specialists, and other healthcare professionals with specialised training, provide expert medical opinions, analysis, and evidence in legal proceedings.

The role of medico-legal professionals can vary depending on the specific context and case. Our areas of service where our medico-legal expertise is most often  sought include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Workers Compensation 
  • Catastrophic Injury 
  • Personal Injury 
  • Criminal Injury 
  • Employer Liability 
  • Public Liability 
  • Permanent Impairment Assessment
  • Psychiatric and Abuse Matters 

Our medico-legal experts in Perth and across Australia contribute to the legal process by providing objective medical opinions, evaluating medical evidence, and helping to establish the connection between medical facts and legal issues. Their expertise bridges the gap between medicine and the law, ensuring that the medical aspects of a case are properly understood, analysed, and presented in legal proceedings.

360 Medico Legal is a leading Australian company specialising in medico-legal independent medical assessments and producing medico-legal reports. Our team of highly qualified medical professionals and legal experts provide comprehensive independent medical examinations and independent medical reports to assist with various legal and insurance matters. Read more about us.

Medico-legal is important because it brings together medical expertise and the legal system. It provides valuable medical opinions, establishes causation, assesses damages, upholds standards of care, and provides objective evidence. Medico-legal involvement ensures that medical issues are properly understood, evaluated, and addressed within the legal context, promoting justice, fairness, and informed decision-making.

  1.   Expert Medical Opinion: Medico-legal professionals provide expert medical opinions and analysis in legal cases. Their specialised knowledge and training enable our expert team to evaluate medical evidence, assess the causation of injuries or conditions, and provide objective evaluations. This is crucial in assisting courts, lawyers, and other parties involved in legal proceedings to understand complex medical issues and make informed decisions.
  2.   Establishing Causation: In many legal cases, determining the causation of an injury or illness is crucial. Medico-legal professionals play a key role in evaluating medical records, conducting examinations, and analysing the evidence to establish the link between the medical condition and the events or circumstances that led to it. Their expertise helps determine whether the condition is directly attributable to a specific incident or negligence, which is vital in assigning liability or responsibility.
  3.   Assessing Damages: Medico-legal independent medical examinations gauge the extent of injuries, disabilities, or impairments suffered by individuals. Their evaluations help determine the impact of these conditions on the person’s life, including their ability to work, perform daily activities, and enjoy a reasonable quality of life. These independent medical assessments are crucial for determining the appropriate compensation or damages in personal injury cases or disability claims.
  4.   Ensuring Standards of Care: Medico-legal involvement plays a role in upholding the standards of medical care and safety. In cases involving medical negligence or malpractice, our Australia-wide network of medico-legal professionals evaluate whether healthcare providers met the expected standard of care and identify any deviations or errors. By holding medical professionals accountable, medico-legal processes contribute to improving safety and maintaining the integrity of the healthcare system.
  5.   Providing Objective Evidence: Medico-legal reports and expert testimony provide objective and impartial evidence in legal proceedings. This evidence helps parties involved, including judges, juries, and insurance companies, to understand complex medical issues and make fair and informed decisions. Medico-legal professionals across Australia follow established protocols and guidelines, ensuring the integrity and reliability of their opinions and independent medical reports.

An independent medico-legal assessment is a thorough evaluation of your health and medical condition, performed by our experienced healthcare professionals at 360 Medico Legal both in Perth and across Australia. Our specialists assess your current health status, medical condition, and functional abilities. An independent expert examination involves gathering relevant medical information, conducting medical examinations, and reviewing medical records to determine your current health status and any impact it may have on your ability to work or other legal considerations. Such medical examination is often requested by legal and insurance entities to determine your fitness for work, insurance claims, or other medico legal purposes.

A fitness to work assessment is a specialised medical evaluation conducted by our healthcare professionals to determine an individual’s ability to perform specific job tasks safely and efficiently. This fitness for work assessment may involve physical medical examination, functional tests, cognitive assessments, or other relevant evaluations. The findings will be documented in a comprehensive and independent medical report that can be used to determine your suitability for specific work duties when you return to work.

A fitness for work assessment helps determine if you can return to work and may suggest any necessary accommodations or modifications that may assist this process. It provides valuable insights for your employer, insurance provider, or legal representatives in understanding your capabilities.

An independent medical examiner (IME) in Australia is a qualified healthcare professional who assesses and provides impartial medical opinions regarding a person’s health condition, injury, or disability. An independent medical examiner (IME) is typically engaged by insurance companies, employers, or government agencies to evaluate medical evidence and provide objective independent expert medical assessments. They review medical records, conduct examinations, and may request additional tests or consultations. An independent medical examiner (IME) plays a crucial role in determining a person’s eligibility for compensation, benefits, or return-to-work decisions. Their opinions assist in resolving legal disputes, insurance claims, and workplace injury matters, ensuring fair and evidence-based evaluations of individuals’ medical conditions.

A medico legal report is a detailed document prepared by our experts based on the findings of your independent medical examination and assessment. It provides an objective evaluation of your medical condition, outlines any disabilities or impairments, and assesses the impact on your ability to work or engage in specific activities. These completely independent medical reports are often used in legal proceedings, insurance claims, or other contexts where medical evidence is required.

There are several reasons why you may require an independent medical assessment and medico legal report. These may include:

  1. Legal Proceedings: If you are involved in a legal case, such as a personal injury claim or workers’ compensation dispute, a medico-legal report can provide valuable evidence regarding your medical condition and its impact on your ability to work or perform specific tasks.
  2. Insurance Claims: When making an insurance claim, especially for income protection or disability benefits, an independent medical report can help substantiate your claim by providing an expert opinion on your health status and functional limitations.
  3. Employment-related Issues: Some employers may request an independent medical examination and medico-legal report to determine your fitness for work, especially in cases where your health condition may affect your job performance or safety.

Our independent medical assessments aim to provide a thorough and objective evaluation of your health status.

In Australia, medico-legal reports can be issued by medical professionals who have the necessary qualifications and expertise to provide expert medical opinions in legal matters. The specific requirements may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of medico legal certificate being issued. Generally, the following medical professionals can issue medico legal reports in Australia:

  1.   Medical Practitioners: This includes general practitioners (GPs) and specialists such as orthopaedic surgeons, psychiatrists, neurologists, and other relevant medical specialists. These professionals can assess and provide medico-legal opinions related to various medical conditions, injuries, disabilities, or mental health issues.
  2.   Forensic Experts: Forensic experts, who specialise in applying scientific and medical knowledge to legal matters, can issue medico-legal certificates. They may include forensic pathologists, forensic psychiatrists, or other experts trained in forensic medicine.
  3.   Occupational Physicians: Occupational physicians are medical practitioners who specialise in assessing and managing work-related health issues. They can provide medico legal reports related to workplace injuries, occupational diseases, or disability evaluations for workers’ compensation claims.
  4.   Independent Medical Examiners (IME): IME are medical practitioners who are appointed by the court or other parties to conduct independent medical examinations and provide expert opinions in legal cases. They may assess personal injury claims, disability claims, or evaluate the medical aspects of legal disputes.

It’s important to note that issuing an independent medical report requires appropriate qualifications, experience, and expertise in the relevant area of medicine. These professionals must adhere to the legal and ethical guidelines governing the issuance of such medical reports, ensuring the integrity and reliability of their opinions.

Individuals seeking a medico-legal report should consult with the appropriate medical professional based on the nature of their case or the specific requirements outlined by the legal system or organisation requesting the certificate.

Before Your Appointment

To make the most of your independent medical assessment, follow these tips:

  1. Gather relevant medical records: Hand any relevant medical documents, test results, or medical report to your solicitor, claims manager, or insurer prior to your appointment. On the day we will need to view any x-rays, scans, or other medical imaging related to your condition, so please have these in hand on the day.
  2. List medications: Prepare a list of medications you are currently taking, including prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medicines.
  3. Provide accurate information: Be honest and accurate while answering the healthcare professional’s questions about your medical history, symptoms, and any pre-existing conditions.
  4. Dress comfortably: Wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access for the medical examination.

The cost can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of your case and the specific requirements, how many specialists are required, or who initiated the medical legal assessment. For detailed pricing information and to discuss the specifics of your case, please contact our team, and we will provide you with the information you require.


Appointment Day

It is essential to bring any x-rays, scans, or other medical imaging related to your condition, so please have these in hand on the day. You should have provided your solicitor, claims manager, or insurer with any other medical documentation, medical reports, specialist referrals, medications (including dosages) prior to your appointment, so they are able to provide us with your file in advance. Gather relevant medical records: Hand any relevant medical documents, test results, or medical reports to your solicitor or insurer prior to your appointment. On the day we will need to view any x-rays, scans, or other medical imaging related to your condition, so please have these in hand on the day.


If these tests, scans or x-rays were done in a private hospital or clinic, our doctors should be able to access them online, but bring them along just in case.

If you attended a public hospital, the relevant radiology department can copy your scans to a disk. Please call the hospital on the below numbers to arrange this. You may need to sign a freedom of information form before the images or results can be released

Fiona Stanley Hospital: (08) 6152 4924
Sir Charles Gardner Hospital: (08) 6457 2233
Royal Perth Hospital: (08) 9244 1386

For other hospitals, contact the switchboard to be put through to the radiology department.

There is free parking at 360 Medico Legal on the side streets surrounding our building (located at Level 1, 47 Stirling Highway, Nedlands WA 6009) and on both sides of Stirling Highway.

The independent medical assessment at 360 Medico Legal involves the following steps:

  1. Interview: Our qualified medical professionals will discuss your medical history, current health condition, and any relevant details about your claim or case. 
  2. Physical examination: A comprehensive physical examination may be conducted to assess your functional abilities. 
  3. Tests and assessments: Depending on your case, additional tests, such as diagnostic imaging or specific medical assessments, may be performed.

Yes, you are welcome to bring a support person to your appointment if it makes you feel more comfortable. However, please inform our team in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

The duration of an independent medical examination can vary depending on the complexity of your case. On average, assessments take an hour to complete. If it makes you feel more comfortable, our team can provide you with an estimated timeframe beforehand to help you plan accordingly.

Next Steps

The time frame to receive your medico-legal report may vary depending on the complexity of your case and the extent of the independent medical assessment required, however we work to deliver a high-quality medical legal report and audit within two weeks of consultation. Psychiatric reports generally take 2-4 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the case. 

The independent medical examination itself is part of a comprehensive process, following which our medical professionals will carefully analyse the collected data and prepare a detailed medico-legal report. The independent medical report will be sent to the relevant parties involved in your case, such as your legal representative or insurance provider, within an agreed-upon timeframe. Typically, we strive to deliver the report as promptly as possible, and you will be notified of the estimated time during your assessment.

Our medico-legal reports offer a detailed and objective document prepared by our healthcare professionals at 360 Medico Legal. It outlines the results of your medical assessment, including the evaluation of your health status, medical condition, functional abilities, and any relevant recommendations. This independent medical report serves as a crucial piece of evidence for legal or insurance purposes.

No, your solicitor, claims manager, or insurer will receive a copy of the medico-legal report once it is completed. While 360 Medico Legal does not provide the medical legal report directly to you, you are able to obtain the report from them. The exception to this rule is if the client is not represented and is seeking an IME report themselves.

This independent medical report is an essential document for your case or claim, and we will provide it as a digital or printed copy.

The medico-legal report from 360 Medico Legal is intended to be used as a piece of evidence in legal proceedings, insurance claims, or personal injury cases. It provides an objective medical assessment of your health status, medical condition, functional abilities, and any recommendations or opinions from our healthcare professionals.

At 360 Medico Legal, we prioritise confidentiality and comply with all relevant privacy laws and regulations. Your personal and medical information will be handled with the utmost care and only disclosed to authorised parties involved in the assessment process.

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