Permanent Impairment Assessments

Permanent impairment assessments aim to evaluate the long-term physical or psychological effects of an injury or illness and determine the degree of permanent impairment or disability suffered by an individual. Independent medical experts play a crucial role in conducting these medical assessments, providing objective evaluations, and generating medical reports that are used to determine the extent of permanent impairment for legal, insurance, or compensation purposes.

Permanent Impairment Assessments can only be conducted by AMS accredited specialists, which all our medico legal specialists are. Our independent medical expert will conduct thorough evaluations by reviewing medical records, conducting physical examinations, and utilising standardised assessment tools. They assess the functional limitations, disabilities, and ongoing symptoms experienced by the individual, considering factors such as pain, loss of mobility, cognitive impairments, or psychological conditions.

Our role in Permanent Impairment Assessment claims

The role of a medico legal specialist in permanent impairment assessments is to provide objective evaluations of the individual’s condition and its impact on their daily life and ability to work. They assess the degree of permanent impairment, considering both the physical and psychological aspects of the condition. Their expertise helps determine the extent of impairment and disability, often utilising established impairment guidelines or scales.
Medico legal reports generated through these assessments play a critical role in legal proceedings, insurance claims, or compensation cases. The reports provide a comprehensive overview of the permanent impairment, its impact on the individual’s functionality and quality of life, and the potential need for ongoing medical treatment or support services. These reports serve as crucial evidence in determining compensation amounts, insurance coverage, or entitlements for the individual based on their permanent impairment.

360 Medico Legal ensures comprehensive evaluations, objective assessments, and the generation of detailed medical reports to determine the extent of permanent impairment or disability resulting from an injury or illness. Our assessments and reports play a vital role in legal, insurance, or compensation processes, providing evidence around the individual’s claim for compensation, benefits, or ongoing medical care based on the level of permanent impairment suffered.


The four stages of our process ensure that your Medico-Legal report is of the highest standard.



360 Medico Legal receives instructions from solicitors, insurers and case managers together with medical documents. The referrer is provided with a list of potential independent medical specialists. Often the enquiry needs a particular specialisation or field of practice, and 360 Medico Legal can assist with this.



An appointment is made with the client to visit our rooms. The 360 Medico Legal team ensures all necessary reports and medical information is available for the specialist.



The client attends our offices for their consultation with the independent medical specialist. To maximise efficiency, the client can see more than one specialist on the same day. Are you outside Perth? We also offer medico legal assessments via telehealth across Australia as well as in person at specific locations.



Our independent medico legal reports are completed by the specialist(s) and vetted by the in-house Quality Audit team - which is headed up by our CIR accredited & Registered Clinical Nurse Manager. The completed medico legal reports are then provided to the instructing referrer within two weeks of the final consultation.