Criminal Injury

Criminal injuries refer to harm caused to individuals because of criminal acts, such as assaults, sexual offences, or acts of violence. Independent medical experts are able to assess and document the medical aspects of criminal injuries, providing essential evidence for legal proceedings, including the identification and evaluation of injuries, the determination of causation, and the assessment of the physical and psychological impact on the victim.

Medico legal assessments in cases of criminal injuries involve a thorough examination of the victim, the collection and preservation of forensic evidence, and the documentation of injuries using medical records, photographs, and other relevant data. These assessments help establish the nature and extent of the injuries, connecting them to the criminal act.

Our role in Criminal Injury claims

Medico legal experts play a vital role in providing independent expert medical opinions regarding the injuries sustained by the victim. They evaluate the causation of the injuries, determining whether they are consistent with the reported incident and identifying any contributing factors. Their expertise extends to assessing the physical and psychological impact on the victim’s wellbeing, including any potential long-term consequences.

Medico legal reports and expert testimony are valuable pieces of evidence in criminal proceedings. They help establish the link between the injuries and the criminal act, aiding in the identification and prosecution of the perpetrator. These reports also contribute to the victim’s access to justice and appropriate compensation for the physical, emotional, and psychological damages suffered as a result of the criminal injuries.

In summary, medico legal opinions in cases of criminal injuries ensures the comprehensive assessment, documentation, and expert analysis of the medical aspects of these injuries, aiding the pursuit of justice and assisting victims in their path to recovery and potential compensation.


The four stages of our process ensure that your Medico-Legal report is of the highest standard.



360 Medico Legal receives instructions from solicitors, insurers and case managers together with medical documents. The referrer is provided with a list of potential independent medical specialists. Often the enquiry needs a particular specialisation or field of practice, and 360 Medico Legal can assist with this.



An appointment is made with the client to visit our rooms. The 360 Medico Legal team ensures all necessary reports and medical information is available for the specialist.



The client attends our offices for their consultation with the independent medical specialist. To maximise efficiency, the client can see more than one specialist on the same day. Are you outside Perth? We also offer medico legal assessments via telehealth across Australia as well as in person at specific locations.



Our independent medico legal reports are completed by the specialist(s) and vetted by the in-house Quality Audit team - which is headed up by our CIR accredited & Registered Clinical Nurse Manager. The completed medico legal reports are then provided to the instructing referrer within two weeks of the final consultation.